Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pre-Application News *UPDATE*

I just got an email back from our agency about our pre-application. I was starting to get really anxious. It was only supposed to take about 3 days but today was day 9!! I was hoping for a big fat approval but it seems it's not that easy.

We make about $700 a year to little (as a family of four) to qualify for adoption. I am pretty disappointed, but I was told if we have enough liquid assets to make up the difference then we can proceed with the adoption (and I am pretty sure that we do!). However, the country we have been looking into is very picky about adoptive families finances. Praying that we won't see too many problems with this. Also, the number Josh gave me was just an estimate. We are going to figure it up right down to the dollar and hopefully that will put us a little closer to our goal.

So, that is where we are at right now. Keep praying please!


Great news! Once Josh got home we checked out all his old paystubs from last year and it turns out we actually make about $2,000 MORE than what he originally guessed, so we should qualify!!! I emailed our agency with the update and hope to hear back soon. Of course I'll update as soon as I do! :)

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