Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Approved, but....

Okay, we finally got all the necessary forms turned into our agency and we are pre-approved to adopt. There is just one thing....

When we started this journey Josh and I both were drawn to Russia. We read a lot about other countries but none of them seemed right compared to Russia....Russia was "the one" we just knew it.

Well, our agency said if we were to proceed with a Russian adoption it would be "really high risk". They said we are free to go ahead with it if we choose but there would be extra disclaimers to sign and risks to take. Basically because Russia looks at a families finances extremely close we may not make enough to support another child in their eyes. Based off the agencies #s they gave us we make about $5,000 more than the minimum THEY require...but Russia is extremely picky about finances so there is a chance they could turn us down even though we qualify via the agencies standards.

Our agency looked at our pre-application and based off our ages, years we have been married and the age range of the child we want told us the best options for us would be Honduras or Ethiopia. I don't want to sound incredibly shallow but we were really hoping to adopt a child that would blend in with our family so Honduras & Ethiopia don't really sound too appealing.

So yes, we are approved to move forth with an adoption...we are just back to square one figuring out what country to go with. Right now we are just praying for direction.